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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  October 6, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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this delaware in isolation right new with ebola like symptoms but health officials say there is no need to panic. also what the cdc is doing for the up affect american journalist on his way home this morning. >> from ebola to enterovirus parents in south jersey right now wondering what school officials are doing to keep their kids safe after a young boy died from the enterovirus. another possible sighting of the man wanted for killing a pennsylvania state trooper, are authorities getting closer to fine goer i can frein. eagles bouncing back from a tough loss in the bay area, last week, they win at home over st. louis but this was not pretty especially late. should fans be worried? oh, boy we have giants at home, in a big prime time sunday night game, we will get to that later, coming up but first good morning, machine october 6th, 2014. >> we have a lot of news to get to reporters following day's top stories, steve keeley live with what is being done to keep kids safe after that four year-old died from
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the enterovirus, jennifer joyce is live in dover where there is another medical emergency. that is child in isolation after showing symptoms ofe bowl a those two stories at the top of the show in a few moments. but first lets head over to sue serio with weather on the one's. >> yes, it is monday morning, first monday in october, and we're going to give you, week is off to a pretty good start. it is a nine out of # some plenty of sunshine. we will have a mild afternoon. thing is we have a very chilly start with a frost advisory in some areas. bus stop buddy has much warmer jacket on for the bus this morning, the thing is this afternoon he will in the need a jacket that warm as we go from the 30's and 40's in the 70's. frost advisory for carbon and monroe counties until 9:00 a.m., there had been frost reported there. we have 49 in the city, calm wind relative humidity at 77 percent and sunrise happening at 7:02 this morning. other temperatures, 36 in
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mount pocono. thirty-seven in pottstown. we have 47 degrees in dover. forty in millville. forty-six in wildwood. so chilly every where, this morning. so 72 degrees should than our high with mostly sunny skies becoming much more milder then yesterday. we will end up being 10 degrees milder then yesterday in the afternoon, although, we are chillier then yesterday in the morning. you got all that straight? i know it is a lot for a monday but we will get you through with the seven day forecast. right now 6:02. time to check traffic. on the turnpike that is the a pennsylvania turnpike, the northeast extension, southbound between lehigh valley and quakertown, construction has the right lane block. westville, new jersey, almondson road at delsea drive a terrible accident there involving an suv and a tanker truck. the road is closed. the alternate is route 45. on the schuylkill eastbound past the conshohocken curve is there a disable tractor trailer, a significant fuel spill there as well, and so the right lane is block. chris? >> all right, sue, in north philadelphia, we will take
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through where police say a man was shot as many as eight times. police were call the the two scene in the 23 hundred block of west somer street at 1:30 this morning. man's condition is not known. police do the not have any information on the shooting either or the the shooter i should say. police are investigating a homicide in west philadelphia overnight. a 35 year-old man was shot once in the chest at the the intersection of 60th and girard. victim was rush to the hospital and later pronounced dead. in word on a suspect or a motive at this time either on that one. fox 29 the on the scene of the fatal accident involving a tanker truck and suv sue was talking about on delsea road in westville, new jersey where this all happen. the accident happened just after 3:00 o'clock this morning. the the driver of the suv did not survive. in word on what led to the accident. some parents in mercer county are concerned after a four year-old boy died from enter owe d68. >> yeah, a community meeting was held in hamilton township to address the issue. fox 29's steve keeley live with the story for us, steve?
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>> reporter: well, those parents at the meeting didn't want to send their kids to school. they got a promise that the school official was do everything they could. you could see the lights on here. one of the things they promised was a complete scrub down and make sure there is nothing on the walls, desk, chalkboard, anything that the kids touch, water fountains, everything will be cleaned. this is not a new virus, it has been around for 50 years since first being discovered in 1962 but what is new is modern day cluster of case's cross the country. we are doing national live shots on this story this morning. this isn't just local news. since august 500 cases have been counted including four fatal cases, the latest one here in right outside up trenton, new jersey. when you have a four year-old boy in a preschool dying from a virus and his cause of death isn't discovered or confirmed until two weeks later you get worried frantic parents filled that meeting here yesterday with lots of questions about why it took until friday for cdc to confirm eli waller died from
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this enterovirus and local medical examiner just confirmed it over weekend on saturday. since eli's only symptoms was pink eye and he was only out of school one day before he died and because another four year-old boy's two class west eli has symptoms of enter owe virus parents here of a right they say to be worried about sending their kids to school today. chris and consider i, attendance on school on friday was normal. will it be normal again today? that is still a big question mark. >> nothing is normal it seems these days with these scares with enter owe ande bowl a steve, thank you. lets get to the ebola scare in delaware. >> a child from liberia is in isolation at bay health kent general hospital in dover. fox 29's jennifer joyce is there with very latest, jenny? >> reporter: well, kerry, last night we were told this child from lie beer eyes symptom free, however, the child will remain in isolation until both cdc and doctors here, say it is safe for him to be released. according to bay health kent general the child from liberia was admitted to the hospital
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saturday after experiencing ebola-like symptoms. the hospital says it followed cdc guidelines for identifying suspect cases of ebola and the child was placed in an isolation room, the young patient was then tested and cdc was notified. the the hospital says that the cdc declined to test the child because the the child was passed the 21 day incubation period and likelihood of having ebola is extremely low. at this point we don't know anything about who this child is or the circumstances related to how or why the the patient ended up here in delaware. we have very limited information right now, but at this point it is unlikely that this child is infect with ebola but doctors are taking precaution varies seriously. chris and kerry? 6:06. head of the cdc is scheduled to brief president obama on the ebola situation today as an american journalist who contracted ebola is expect to arrive at an nebraska medical
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center in omaha for treatment. he is the fifth ebola patient to return to the united states for treatment since the beginning of the out break. in dallas, texas thomas eric duncan is fighting for his life. he has been hospitalized with the ebola virus since last week and he remains in critical condition. eagles pick up another one but this one was in the real pretty especially late. special teams did their part again scoring another touchdown on the block punt. eagles actually led the game 34 -seven with only two minutes left in the third quarter but the rams had the ball with the chance to win the game late. then they turn the the ball over on downs. eagles squeak one out 34-28. 6:00 seer he owe seven. his message to graduating class. message of the missing university of virginia student are speaking out about their daughter's disappearance. their emotional plea is coming
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up next.
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a funeral will be held for a pennsylvania state troop are killed during a gun and training exercise. family and friend will say good bye to 26 year-old david kedra during services in philadelphia he was accidentally shot in the chest last week in montgomery county. investigators say another trooper's gun mistakenly discharge. pennsylvania state police have struck out again after
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following up on a possible sight of the suspect in the deadly ambush at police barracks in the pocono mountains. >> scranton times tribune report that hundreds of troopers searched a northeastern pennsylvania tree nursery for hours yesterday, but, did not find eric frein. thirty-one year-old alluded police for weeks despite this intense manhunt. corporal brian dickson was killed and trooper douglass was seriously wounded in the september 12th ambush. 6:11 right now. you know what that means we have weather on the one's with sue. >> you are so right. >> have we hve a frost advisory in effect this morning. this is an even colder morning then yesterday was. yesterday, most of our temperatures were in the 40's. today in the higher elevations are in the 30's and carbon and monroe counties have that frost advisory but, we have 36 degrees in mount pocono. we're still above freezing there. forty in bethlehem. thirty-nine in allentown. as we go down to doylestown it
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is 37. forty-two in bensalem. south jersey we have 44 in bridgeton. forty in atlantic city. slightly milder 53 in cape may. it is chilly every where. this chill extend down to north carolina where it is only 49 degrees right now. dayton, ohio 49. it is milder down to the south of us. we've got a couple of systems at work here high pressure in control today but this warm front lifting through at your use. no rain today but it will just bring milder temperatures then we had yesterday. and then the cold front comes through and this is scheduled for late in the day on tuesday, tomorrow, with a little bit of rain. when does that rain arrive? not to day. it should ab a dry day to day, decent day as well, so we will move ahead into tomorrow, it is just a in mix of sun and clouds on tuesday, and it is not until five or 6:00 we will see some rain moving through. some rain could get heavy
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north and west of the city in the overnight hours tuesday into wednesday morning. but for most of us, the rain will have cleared out by the time we're together for fox 29 morning news on wednesday about 4:00 a.m. so things look dry after. that so where are we going from there? to here, the mid 70's today. we will have lower 70's today and mid 70's tomorrow. seventy's for wednesday, but thursday, gets chillier, and then another frontal system comes through on friday into saturday with temperatures staying in the 60's, that is below average for this time in october. there it is, weather authority forecast time is 6:13. lets see is what going on outside. our biggest problem of the morning has been the fatal accident in westville, new jersey. it happened at almondson road at delsea drive. the entire road is still closed at that point, and take lieutenant 45, to get around it, kerry. >> sue, thanks. 6:13. still to come an elderly panhandler confronted on the
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streets of oklahoma, the heated exchange caught on video. what made the man behind the camera so angry. what's possible today?
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good morning. it is more than three weeks since the university of virginia student hanna graham disappeared but investigators in charlottesville is in the giving up hope. police have have received thousands of tips and they will keep working until they bring hanna back home. more than a hundred volunteers spent weekend searching an 8 miles in search of hanna where she was last seen. police are asking home openers to help them in their investigation. >> if you have have a property now, and regardless of how big or how small, please search your property. if you have a abandoned wells or storage sheds or old cars,
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every piece of that property needs to be searched. >> please, please, please help end this might mayor for all of us. please help us to bring her home. >> i cannot even fathom what her parents are going through right now. she was last seen leaving a bar with this man, three two-year old jesse leroy matthew, behind bars charge with abduction. supreme court opens up its new term with less attention grabbing cases on the agenda some cases that the justices will hear will include this, a faulty traffic stop, over a car's broken brake lights, in north carolina whether or not a muslim prisoner can have facial hair. and the prosecution of a rap shore wrote threatening facebook posts about his estrange wife ape fbi agent and area schools. while same sex marriage is in the on the dock this week justices are expect to rule on the constitutionality before the the term is out. 6:17. family of american aid workers
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threat went death biasis is speaking out n a statement released yesterday, peter jackson's sane her son expressed fears of dying in the letter that she sent to him back in june. national security council, confirms that peter is in the hand officeis. terror group is threatening that will be the next victim beheaded. he was abduct in lebanon while helping syrian refugees. his family says although did he fear death he wanted to alleviate the suffering of others. >> we are so very proud of you and the work that you have done, to bring humanitarian aid to the syrian people. we implore those who are holding you to show mercy. and use their power to let you go? recent weeks isis executed four western hostages they blame u.s. intervention in the middle east for their attacks. 6:18. pro democracy protest in hong kong appear to be dwindling. authorities warned them to clear the streets by the beginning of the workweek. students outside the government headquarters removed some of the
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barricades, that block the building entrance and some decided to head home. but others refused to budge. they are month demanding the right to choose their top leader. the demonstrations have been going on for more than a week. three american air men in japan were swept out to sea by a powerful typhoon. that same typhoon slammed central japan earlier this morning triggering mud slides, more than 600 flights were canceled the at tokyo's main airport and more than 2 million people have been told to evacuate. authorities in mexico found 28 bodies in a mass grave on the outskirts of the city where police engaged in a deadly crash of student protesters about three weeks ago. officials say that the body are too damaged for any immediate identification, one of the people detained in this case told investigators that 17 students were taken to the grave site and then killed there but investigators have not the yet confirmed that person's story. search for missing malaysia airlines flight 370 has resume in the indian ocean more than six months after
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that jet disappeared. the first of three ships that will look for the missing plane over the next year arrived in the search area earlier this morning. the area is about 1100 miles west of australia, the search has been on hold for four months, so crews could map the sea bed in the search zone. flight 370 damaged in march during a flight from kuala lumpur to beijing. good day is what, 6:20, it is about 40 minutes away. >> so mike, i take my son to his first game. hello, sir. >> what about that eagles game. how do you feel. it was almost like a loss. >> seriously. >> isn't it weird. >> how you do they let that game slip away that team is bad those rams. >> yeah. >> they almost let it slip away. we will talk about that game. how are you feeling about that on this machine morning. 6:20 right now. if you recently got that new iphone you are probably faced with this question would you like to buy some insurance
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with that? our financial expert will help us decide, is that just a waste of money or not should you buy insurance for a phone? >> did you ever do it? >> i never do it, i never buy insurance on anything, do you kerryy bought the insurance on my phone and i have used it many times. >> because you are clumsy. >> because i'm clumsy, that is exactly true. my husband said the next phone you get it has got to be kerry proof. so whatever even if you can find. >> i have a question for you, i just bought airline particular next weekend i have to go back to kansas city. do you ever by insurance on those flights. >> travel insurance. >> no. >> no. >> now the weather, time to go to the weather. >> yes. >> 6:21, weather on the one's, okay. >> everybody shut up. >> it is the morning we're living dangerously. >> here's your break down of the day. it is a very chilly start. colder start then any morning
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we have had last week and the coldest workday start of the season so far, with temperatures in the city in the upper 40's but in many suburbs it is in the 30's this morning. maybe a warmer jacket this morning but then by this afternoon you won't need warmer jacket, you'll need probably your sunglasses because it will be plenty of sunshine and a high of 74 degrees. 6:35 is your sunset time. 6:22 is the time right now. lets get to the roads. we have more problems like this one in west conshohocken, conshohocken state road at in merion hill lane an accident there that will definitely slow you down this morning n westville, new jersey, almondson road at delsea drive an accident involving a tanker truck and a suv. the road is closed route 45 is your alternate, and on the schuylkill eastbound, just past conshohocken curve, look at that nothing but red there. it is really slow, because a disable tractor trailer with a
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fuel spill has the right lane blocked. so that is very slow going on that part of the schuylkill eastbound. we will be back with more right after this. with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years?
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good morning, i'm howard eskin. the eagles are four and one so far this season but you oner how with some of the mistakes they continue to make it but it is special teams and defense. lets go to the link and take a look. all right. the eagles, look at this, they get touchdowns off of defense, trent cole with the sack, cedric thornton with the touchdown. eagles up 27-seven. they led 34/7 but comes down to the last drive by the the rams. it is fourth and 13, down by six, and no, defense does it, eagles win, fans had their moments but the the record is the record. >> i know philly fans know what is going on but, you know, they booed for a second her but we deserved it. we have a lot of things to get fixed to get ready for the
6:27 am
giants. the the giants are next sunday night, here before the eagles take the the bye week. that will be a big one. the that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> 6:27 is your time. a hotel hit with a big fine after blocking access to the internet, why federal officials say this is very illegal. steve, good morning. >> reporter: well, we are outside trenton, new jersey at a school where a little boy went here two weeks ago and then suddenly died from this enterovirus, officials tell parents they don't know where or how he he caught it and they admit they may never know and that ha
6:29 am
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school officialness new jersey are trying to calm worried parent after a young child's death is linked to the enterovirus. are precautions being taken seriously enough. plus the the ebola out break reaches our area with a scare in delaware. there is a child in isolation right now, but we will tell you why health officials say there is in reason to pan inning just yet. where are pennsylvania's mess dangerous cities. will well, it is not the philadelphia town one survey says is full of crime quite literal willly. >> not too far from philadelphia though, they are close. 6:30. glad you are with us. it is monday october 6th, 2014. >> a chill in the air yet again. it is officially fall. early in fall but these temperatures, sue serio are
6:31 am
lower than normal. >> a bit but this is one of those days, chris, where you will wear the warm coat in the morning and then you won't need it in the afternoon. so bus stop buddy, i wouldn't be surprised if that coat ended up in the lost and found because kids tend to leave their coat in school, you know how it goes but you do need it this morning because many temperatures are still in the 30's, this morning. the other temperatures are in the chilly 40's but after this chilly start a nice recovery with sunshine so we will get a nine out of ten. your frost advisory for carbon and monroe counties. is there frost advisory for northern new jersey as well, so it is a chilly one. but here in the city we are at 49 degrees, that is pretty chilly, relative humidity at 77 percent. 7:02 is our sunrise time and 72 is our high temperature today. a little bit on the breezy side but it will be milder then yesterday when we only got to 61 degrees. even with all that sunshine in the afternoon. tonight we're down to
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56 degrees, increasing clouds, not quite as cold as it is right now. that is your weather authority forecast. the time is 6:31, seven day forecast is on the way. right new we have to tell but this big problem slowing you down a lot on the schuylkill expressway, eastbound, just past 202, a disabled vehicle on the right-hand shoulder, it doesn't take much to slow you down in that king of prussia area, so there is that. also in westville almondson road at delsea drive an accident involving the the tanker truck that road is still closed. your alternate is route 45. and then further down the the schuylkill eastbound past conshohocken a disable tractor trailer had has a fuel spill there and the the right lane is block, it is slow go on that part of the schuylkill, kerry. >> yes, it is, it will only get worse. fox 29 on the scene of that fatal accident, that sue was just talking about involving the the tanker truck and suv on delsea drive and almondson road in westville, new jersey. it accident happened just after 3:00 this morning. the driver of the suv did not
6:33 am
survive. in word on exactly what led to it. in north philadelphia police say a man was shot as many as eight times. police call to the scene along 23 hundred block of west somerset street at 1:30 this morning. his condition is unknown and police don't have any information about the shooter either. also police investigating homicide in west philadelphia overnight. a 35 year-old man was shot once in the chest at the the intersection of 60th and girard. victim was rush the two hospital no word on a suspect or a motive. parents in mercer county are more than concerned after a four year-old boy died from enterovirus d68. >> there was a community meeting last night in hamilton township to address the issue and that is where fox 29's steve keeley is live this morning. they are trying to get answers about it h this kid was only out of school for what, a a day. >> reporter: just missed one day with pink eye, and his mom put him to bed and he never woke up, and died the next day. look at the front page of the
6:34 am
trentonian newspaper. just change from yesterday's paper to today's paper. yesterday hat front page picture of the school, right on corner where the the newspaper box is which was kind of strange, today, eli waller's smiling face on the front page as his family put out this wonderful statement, talking about how great their son was, and how great the their community has been, in the two weeks since he died, they called him their little buggy. lets look at video of eli's pictures and meeting from yesterday because he died september 25th, his death though is not yet confirmed by the centers of disease control until just friday more than a week after, and then not confirmed by the local medical examiner caused by the enterovirus until saturday the the day before this meeting. so while attendance before confirmation on friday was normal here at eli's school today it may be very abnormal because we have heard from parents who are concerned about sending their kids here in light of the fact that a
6:35 am
second, four year-old boy who had had two preschool classes with eli now has enterovirus symptoms himself and the cdc still does not know right the now whether he for sure has the virus too. >> very scary. still very nervous. we're very nervous, as parents. >> a child passed away, how did they know that it came from the school and now a rest tur rant or a store, or anywhere else that any of other places we have our kid. you can't say, right. >> well, the the wrapped suddenness of eli's death is what really has parent thinking, they should keep their kids home until they find out for sure that eli did not somehow catch it here. neither did his classmates. so that has them really wondering if they will make this last minute decision about sending their kids here hoping to get some new information. only thing new is that the school officials last night
6:36 am
promised them they were going to totally clean the school a as we spin around lights are on before the sunnies up here and they have got crewness there working to try to calm parents nerves and make sure every surface in that school is decontaminated and what should hopefully calm them is that eli was within of three trip lets and chris and kerry, neither of the two sisters has any symptoms of the disease and they lived more closely probably then he was with any of the other kids in the school. >> thank goodness for that. >> all right, steve, thank you. from enter owe to the ebola, the head of the cdc is scheduled to brief president obama on the ebola situation today this comes as an american journalist to who contracted ebola is expect to arrive at the nebraska medical center in omaha for treatment. he is the the fifth ebola patient to return to the u is. for treatment since the start of the out break in dallas, texas. thomas eric duncan is fighting for his life.
6:37 am
he has been in the hospital since last week. he remains in critical condition. an ebola scare close tore home in delaware. >> scary in medical news this morning. a child from liberia is in isolation in bay health kent dover hospital in dover. fox 29's jennifer joyce there with the details, jenny? >> reporter: well, last night we were told that this child is now symptom free, however, he will remain in isolation, until both cdc and doctors say it is safe for him to be discharge. according to bay health kent general the child was add mythed to the hospital saturday after experiencing ebola like symptoms. the hospital says it followed cdc guidelines for identified suspected cases ofe bowl a the young patient was then tested and cdc was notified. the the hospital says cdc decline to test the child because the the child was past the 21 day incubation period and the likelihood of having ebola is extremely low. owe again as of last night the
6:38 am
child was symptom free but again, will remain in isolation until both the cdc and doctors here at this hospital deem it safe, for this child to be released. chris and kerry. >> okay, jennifer, thank you. 6:38. swings are being banned from some school playgrounds why officials say it is time to get rid of them. >> that is a stapel. >> fans are slamming mariah carry saying she cannot sing, you decide coming up in carry saying she cannot sing, you decide coming up in today's enteraboutent this mythk
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even though now in pennsylvania we have casinos it's still... there's ac. we're from pittsburgh. no boardwalk. no beach. no sand. it's beautiful twelve months out of the year. it's just a state of mind, it really is. you can't get this feeling anywhere. the ocean breeze and... the beach, the boardwalk, the restaurants, the casinos, music. you feel like you're on vacation when you come here.
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it is a pumpkiny kind of morning and, in some cases, there is frost on the pumpkin, in carbon and monroe counties. we saw these higher elevation where is seeing temperatures in the 30's this morning. coldest weekday morning of the season, so far and in some cases colder then it even was yesterday when it was a shock to the system. here in the city we are at 49. sunrise at 7:02, it is coming up but not yet. as we look at ultimate doppler we will see some rain, in the western part of the state, but that is expect to stay out to the west and continue moving towards upstate new york and not make it to philadelphia. we do not have rain in the forecast for today, it is a dry morning and as future cast shows we will continue to with dry weather. clouds increasing overnight and some clouds and sun, mixed in tomorrow. so, during the day tomorrow we
6:42 am
don't expect any rain, it is really not until later on in the day, let's say by five or six or 7:00 o'clock that the showers start to move in with a cold front and that will last throughout the night into early wednesday morning but really early wednesday morning because by 4:00 a.m. at least future cast is showing that those showers are gone and we should have a dry day, decent day, on wednesday. then as our temperature trend has shown through past five days things will be only going up because 61 degrees was our high temperature yesterday. we will be back in the 70's for a couple of days but then seven day forecast says temperatures back down in the 60's over the weekend including thursday and friday, so, enjoy the next couple of days. it will be a little bit more comfortable and won't be quite as cold tomorrow morning as we are this morning. is there your rain tuesday into wednesday. 68 degrees on thursday. more rain with another front on friday into saturday morning, so for sunday now the the eagles game this sunday is
6:43 am
a nighttime game so you will have to bundle will up for that one with the daytime high of only 65 degrees. is there your forecast. time to look at traffic. monday morning problems. we will start with upper providence mill road at egypt road, we have reports of an accident in this area. also, on the 309 expressway, northbound, at flourtown, route 73 a disabled vehicle there will has left lane block n westville, new jersey big problem of the morning with that terrible accidented at almondson at delsea drive, road is still close there had ace your alternate would be route 45. disabled tractor trailer on the schuylkill eastbound has now been cleared but you traffic is still slow, in that area this morning, chris. >> what do you think of this a man quick of killing a philadelphia police officer addressed his alma mater during a graduation ceremony this weekend. mumia abu-jamal spoke via video to students at goddard
6:44 am
college in vermont. he told them to strive to make the world better, although, the decision to allow abu-jamal to speak was controversial. school officials selected him as their speaker. >> i think my friends at goddard for inviting me back. if it is done for you half of what it has done for me i assure you you will have been well served. now take what you know and apply it in the real world. help feed the change you are seeking to make. >> the fact that maureen faulkner has to live through the the loss that she went through when her husband was murdered but new to live with media attention because a bunch of students decided her husband's murderer was ideal person to speak at their commencement, i was outraged. >> well, she was ant loan. abu-jamal was convicted of killing officer daniel faulkner in 1981. meanwhile, goddard college released this statement saying quote many diverse commencement speakers have
6:45 am
been chosen to represent perspectives not normally in our discourse even fit is unpopular, we need to listen to and encourage in difficult discussions. this is what free speech is all b our students understand there is great more to it what abu-jamal has to say, and it is important that we, at goddard college, support this complicated inquiry and the the freedom of speech, end quote. a security company is compiled a list of the most dangerous cities in pennsylvania, and coming in the at number eight is philadelphia you might the think philadelphia was number one. >> number one was actually chester. fox 29's sabina kuriakose who spoke with residents who disagree with this study. >> reporter: run down neighborhoods a surge in whom sides this year and now another blow for chester, the the notorious title will of most dangerous city in pennsylvania. but people live hearsay that the outlook is not as bleak as it appears. >> every city has, their problems. >> reporter: reverend robert johnson of first faith
6:46 am
missionary baptist church says his parishioners believe that chester is turning itself around. >> the residents here in chester are very hard working, community people. they are loving and caring people. there are families, they are very family oriented here in chester but there is an he will meant that seems to over shadow all of the positive things in the city. >> reporter: on a sunny sunday afternoon reverend johnson leads his congregation in prayer. he says these are the people that make up part of the city, in the criminals who make the headlines. >> yes, i have heard gunshots, not near me but i have seen helicopter flying ahead overnight. >> reporter: for resident like samuel wyat who called this city home for 70 years, things have changed and the streets are scary at night. >> i wouldn't walk the streets now like i did in 1945, because i may not make it to the corner. >> reporter: still he believes
6:47 am
renewed economic investment will turn back the clock on the only home he has ever men. reverend johnson size it will take time. >> it didn't happen overnight and it is not going to end overnight. >> reporter: in chester, sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. >> 6:47. there is a hotel in nashville, tennessee that is in hot water with the fcc. >> here's what is going on. marriott will pay $600,000 for jamming, their wifi up works at opera land resort and convention center. marriott kept conference a ten ease from connecting using their own hot spots and charged them up to 20 times more to use their hotels wifi. those who buy their own hot spots should be able to use them without fear of being blocked. >> you certainly wouldn't expect to have that kind of a
6:48 am
scandalous behavior. >> well, let's face it, marriott released a statement that the blocks to protect conference attende from his hackers. >> yeah, right. >> don't want to face it. >> i love excuses big corporations come up with, brilliant. school district in washington state has plans to re move swim sets of all things from playground because of safety issues. >> school officialness richland, washington say part of the issue is pressure from insurance companies, swings are blame for the the most injuries of any play ground equipment. the district has already moved the swing from some of the schools and will gradually phase them out of the rest. but some parents think it will go a we bit too far. >> the schools get modernized or renovated or doing a work on the ground equipment, will take out the swings. it is just a safety issues. swings have been determined to be probably the most unsafe of all of the playground equipment on the play ground. >> they were a great joy.
6:49 am
they were every where. we all played on them. i truly cannot remember anybody ever anybody being hurt. >> so each year about 200,000 children go to the emergency room for injuries that happen on playgrounds. >> we used to swing as high as we could and jump off. >> i leaned back one time and scraped my entire forehead on the ground. >> you are kind have of making their point. >> it is 6:49. new tour gets off to a rocky start. >> yes, one of the most eye cop i can voices of all time, at least of modern time but she didn't sound like that in tokyo. >> ♪ >> unaudible. >> it is a technical issue.
6:50 am
it is in the her voice. but there was a video, they are beginning to surface on line. this is was on saturday. they said that -- >> what? >> she could not hit her high notes. she had technical issues, that was the problem. >> do you remember old days, mike where you were not allowed to bring a recording device to the concert or device. now everyone is recording everything. >> yes, yes and yes. >> still one of the best singers ever. >> 8ovtaves. >> did you ever hear about how she was discovered good sure, go ahead. >> no, it ties long. >> why did you bring it up give us a story later on good day. >> yes, highlight of the show. >> it is sure to ruin a bride's big day her dream wedding dress turning out to be a cheap knock off. instead of vera wang making it a guy named bobby wang made it but there is a push in new
6:51 am
jersey to crackdown on, counterfeit wedding gowns and prom dresses too. we will show you how to get what you are paying for, right >> yes. >> well, you know. >> i guess the the seems aren't just as straight. >> my pant were made by wang. >> we've got maybe heavy duty pant like the jeans today and something that is warm to wear at the bus stop because it is a very chilly, morning. a frost advisory in effect for the poconos but it is very chilly, every where. that is what you need to know immediately, here's the other thing we will get bundled up at the bus stop and this afternoon, we will not need a heavy coat because we are back in the 70's this afternoon. after that we have a chance of rain tomorrow, late in the day, and then some seasonal temperatures as we head toward the middle of the week and
6:52 am
that is a look at your weather authority forecast, get you ready for the next couple of days at least. now lets get ready for the roads. we will start off in springfield route one roosevelt boulevard at paper mill will million road, this is a vehicle fire that has the right lane blocked a bit up there and also on the 309 expressway north bound at flourtown there is a disable vehicle will and left lane is block. in westville new jersey we have that problem almondson road at delsea drive the road is still closed due to that terrible accident there. route 45 is your alternate we will be right b
6:53 am
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake.
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i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at good morning, it is 6:55. as we take a live look at frenchmanor in the poconos mountain shaping up to be a chilly day, sue will be back with the check of what you need to wear as you head out this morning. today's events at international balloon fee takes in albuquerque, new you mexico. yesterday things were canceled because of high wind but officials are hopeful that today's weather will cooperate. it is cool when things work out. it is beautiful. more than 500 pilots are taking part in the balloon fiesta, the event draws tens of thousands of people there all over the the world, every single year. so what would you do if you saw a home less person who you actually just gave money too drive off in a brand new
6:56 am
car, nice car too? oklahoma city man confrontedded a panhandler after that just happened to him. he gave this elderly with man money, every single day, you can imagine, his rage when he saw her in that new car. >> i don't have no car, getaway from me right now. >> don't, stop. >> getaway from me. >> she may have emotional issues there confrontation caught by a cameras caught on camera by a witness i should say. daniel says he even gave up his last couple of bucks for lunch ones to help her out. home less alliance based in oklahoma city says 25 percent of panhandlers are actually homeless. coming up, parents left in fear after a young boy in south jersey dies from the enterovirus, what is being done now to calm parents fears and to keep kids safe. then another medical scare, ebola scare in
6:57 am
delaware, a child from liberia isolation at the a dover hospital with symptoms consistent with that disease. will we will have
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
and, parents in south jersey, one thing, what will school officials are diagnosis to keep their children safe after a young boy dies from well, he dies from that enterovirus. we will talk about that. what should we think about this, what was that yesterday? why does that eagles win feel like a loss. should we be concerned? ape why is our best runner, a defensive lineman. and how about this, what is with your hair? ladies, it is time for a new look come on, it is fall, it is autumn season. maybe you need that new brazilan hair treatment. you will never break your hair again. that is a promise. from me, a guy, and i necessity about women's hair. "good day philadelphia" starts right now.